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Trainings are classically carried out through presence trainings – mostly in different locations. This hampers the integration of media. Negotiated knowledge often fades within a short period of time. You know that problem? Then please read on!
As a solution the Institute for Information Systems Research (IWI) at the School of Economics at the Leibniz University Hanover has invented UbiMotion©.

UbiMotion© is a powerful mobile unit for digital recordings of lectures, speeches, and trainings („Rapid Authoring“). The name stands for "Ubiquitous Mobile Authoring Innovation". Since 2005 a prototype of UbiMotion© L is implemented  successfully in lecture by different institutes at the School of Economics. Lectures can be recorded flexibly. Edited recordings can be distributed online via Videostream and Podcast (zum IWI-Podcast) as well as offline via CD or DVD.

UbiMotion© is ready for action only within a few minutes. Set-up of UbiMotion© L for example just needs ten minutes.
UbiMotion© L shall be amanded by different variations in size: UbiMotion© S, M und XL. UbiMotion© M is almost finished.

The unit consists of trolley, laptop or PDA, recordingsoftware "Lecturnity" of imc AG, videocamera, microphones, and if applicable add-ons like audio- and video-mixer and beamer. UbiMotion© helps you to cut costs for hotel and travel. It also can assist new employees to gain knowledge through lectures of the past.

Possible Scenarios (examples):

Die Aufzeichnungseinheit UbiMotion© M (zum Vergrößern bitte Klicken)

>>> Synchronous & asynchronous training
>>> New product training worldwide

>>> Repetition of lectures

>>> Breaking-up trainings

>>> Introduction to a topic

>>> Case studies

>>> Just-in-time Training

>>> Onformation bits

>>> Integration into HR-, Knowledge- & Learningmanagement 

Photo: With UbiMotion© lectures are recorded easily.
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Your Benefits: Our Services:
>>> Earn flexibility >>> Information & Consulting
>>> Save time & money >>> Training
>>> Deliver sustainable knowledge on-time >>> Recording
>>>Keep knowledge in minds >>> Support (Hotline, E-Mail) & Evaluation
>>> Gain competitive advantage through innovation >>> Evaluation & Controlling of Education

We inform and consult you concerning your needs and scenarios. We train you to become familiar with the techniques used. Wie support you concerning didactical and economical approaches. Enhancements of our prototypes in cooperation with our partners are planned and customization is wanted. You will find your contact person at the end of this website.
Of course our UbiMotion© activities are accompanied by evaluation schemes. You can call for the results in the download section below.

In addition to our tutoring-tool UbiLearn© ( UbiMotion© offers a good and flexible opportunity to save knowledge reasonible and sustainable. Both systems can easily be integrated into existing HR-, Knowledge-, and Learningsmanagementsystems.


  >>> Prof. Dr. Hermann Waibel, Institute for Development and Agricultural Economics: "UbiMotion© service was outstanding. IWI researchers were very customer oriented. My students were enthusiastic."
  >>> Dr. Thomas Mittendorf, Center of Risk and Insurance: "I am favorably surprised, mainly by the high download rates. At first I had a critical attitude towards UbiMotion© and recording my lectures. I considered it as useless. But you live and learn."

Downloads (PDF): 

Folder UbiMotion© and UbiLearn© (09/2006)

UbiMotion© PocketGuide (10/2006)

>>> Evaluations (01/2007)

Articles published:

TI 3/2006


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Institute for Information Systems Research
Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner
Leibniz University Hanover

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Contact person: Dipl.-Ök. Finn Breuer
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